Merlin’s Mystical Loot Shop features an ever-changing inventory of procedurally generated ready-to-use magical treasures. Having grown up on TTRPGs and 90’s dungeon crawlers, one thing I missed in 5th edition was the excitement of finding cool loot. Often, even a single magic item can drastically change the campaign, which leaves the options for interesting loot rather lacking. There are only so many times your players can find a bag of 37gp. or some art objects and gems before it gets old. Instead, with a single click the Loot Shop will procedurally generate treasures to thrill your players.

Not everything in Merlin & Merlin’s inventory can be sold for gold, though. Valuable Information is a way to reward your players with something less tangible than gold pieces or sparkly gems. Everyone has a secret that they don’t want to get out and to the right “interested party” such secrets can be very valuable indeed. This can also be a catalyst for immersive and unexpected storytelling.